Viva Mexico!!


Our time in Florida was awesome. We really embraced the typical Florida RV park experience. We got tan. We did our old people walks. And hit the hot tub.

The kiddos focused on school. We took a few trips here and there. But mostly we just enjoyed the easiness of our winter.

As we got closer to heading back to Alaska we wanted to do a quick bit of traveling and that led us to Mexico!

Taking advantage of pandemic deals, we got an amazing rate at an all-inclusive in Playa del Carmen. The Viva Wyndham Maya.

This definitely wasn’t going to be our typical travel routine. In fact, we all agreed that it might be the first “normal vacation” we’ve ever taken.

So we wrapped up the Florida RV and got it all tucked away in storage. Grabbed a rental car to Miami and started our adventure!

Surprisingly, at least to me, it was a short hour and a half flight to Cancun international. And seeing as how we were really going all out on this “normal” trip, I even splurged on a private car to meet us at the airport and take us to the resort. It actually sounds way fancier than it is. But needless to say the kiddos, and secretly me, were happy we weren’t city bussing it the hour south.

As we drove down the highway we could barely tell we were in Mexico, but I think we all knew this wouldn’t be the most authentic trip we’ve ever done. We passed one giant resort after another. Fancy gates. Over the top water fountains. Giant statues. Extravagant doesn’t even begin to describe the area.

Once we arrived at our resort we were greeted by the concierge. They took our bags. Offered us a welcome drink and sent us to gorge ourselves on all the free food and booze you could consume.

Our time at the resort was absolutely magical. We’ve done a lot of traveling over the years but nothing this easy. I don’t necessarily think “all inclusives” are in our future, did I mention the amazing pandemic pricing, but we will always have the Viva!

We really had such a great time. Two weeks of the easy life. Sun. Sand. And my favorite part of all, I never had to deal with anyone being hungry! This is like my least favorite thing to deal with when we travel. I know, I know food is supposed to be part of the traveling experience, but it just seems like such a hassle sometimes. And when we were thinking about vacationing in Cancun the all-inclusive really caught my eye for this reason. And it turned out to be such a great experience because the kids really did have free reign. They could eat 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And I never worried about them heading off on their own, well, I mean I always worry but no more than usual! It was also pretty cool because I got to surprise the kiddos with their very own room which just added to the luxury vacation vibe. Everything about the resort was amazing. The people. The food. I mean it was kind of weird being there, and some of the tourists were less than amazing, but I’m so happy we got this experience.

With that said… I can’t even imagine coming to a place like this when tourism is at normal levels. I mean, this place was at about 40% capacity, and even at that, the employees said they were operating more at 25%. Plus our 2 weeks in 2 separate rooms, still cost us less than 1 week here in 1 room on a normal year. That is an insane amount of money for 1 week! Yikes!

I did want to head to Cancun to check out the vibe and I also had some Mayan ruins and cenotes on the list. So we opted to rent a car for a couple of days and day-trip around. And because we did the timeshare presentation our car was totally paid for with our Viva Bucks!! Nice! Oh? Our timeshare experience, how do people get sucked into these things? Oh my! The sales guys knew they had the wrong type of customer as soon as I asked for a calculator, ha! But hey, it was something to do, and hubby and I had never actually done anything like that, so we made it fun, plus they keep you way boozed up the whole time, I wonder why???? ha!

Ok, so the first day was the Coba Ruins and the Cenotes. We hit the ruins first, hired a guide, rode in/on a “Mayan limo”, and have now seen the two tallest temples of the Mayan world. The tallest in Tikal, Guatemala, and the second tallest in Coba. So cool!

The ruins were pretty cool, and after our hot day trekking through the jungle, we opted to hit the refreshing cenotes. Ok, so centoes are underground water sources, typically deep underground. There are various types, and we hit three near Coba. No pictures really, because it’s a long way down, and bringing your stuff with you isn’t really an option, we learned the hard way by having pack mule Dad tote everything down the dozens and dozens of stairs only to reach the water with nowhere to put it, and have to climb back up and down again! Anyways, the cenotes were really cool. Everyone but Mom did a jump from about 15 feet. So awesome! All I could muster was marching in place to keep the fish away, ugh!

The second day of our adventure brought us to the ever so popular Cancun!!! Why is Cancun so popular? I have absolutely no idea. It just wasn’t for us. Playa is way more mellow, way better beaches, and just way more awesome! But we did the flea market thing, cruised the strip, and I at least got to see Senior Frogs from the outside 🙂 ha!

I’m glad we made it but I have to say I have no intention of coming back, and any question I had about staying in Playa Del Carmen vs Cancun was immediately squashed. Even Liv’s said she much preferred Playa. I thought young kids were supposed to love Cancun? My favorite part of exploring though was our day in Coba, we drove through some cool little villages, got off the beaten path, and got a little history, now that’s my kind of day!

The resort had so many activities and such and one of the adventures we embarked upon was parasailing. I cannot believe Liv’s and I managed to talk ourselves into this! But it was absolutely amazing! We got on the back of a jetski, probably the scariest part of it all, hopped onto a boat in the middle of the water, and then got strapped into the parasail and saw the Caribbean from the sky. Oh my goodness it was gorgeous! Ok, and while this technically isn’t us, it could be, just picture a little more fear and terror on our faces!

We also took advantage of the catamarans that were available to guests. We coupled up and the guys took us on a tour. Again, not us down there but you get the idea!

So I guess we have officially vacationed like the rich folk do, and yes, it was pretty spectacular!

I think for Dad and me, our favorite place of all though was hanging at the adult pool with Margarito! He really made the trip something we will never forget!

Amigos de Siempre for sure!

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