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I'm a home schooling mama and wife to my beautiful family. We are looking to shake things up and make some life long happiness.

France Road Trip Days 3-6

Ok. We’ve got some catching up to do… Day 3 and all hell broke loose. After the president made his announcement it didn’t take long for things to ramp up in Europe. […]

Morocco Day 4

After a quick rest we were up and at it again. A wonderful breakfast and back on the camels. Just in time for sunrise. Back to the bus our adventure had come […]

Morocco Day 3

Yalla, yalla!Hurry up, let’s go!We woke up crazy early and enjoyed a delicious traditional Moroccan breakfast. We had those amazing little tortilla pancake things again, except this time they were sweet and […]

Morocco Day 2

Our guides picked us up bright and early in a fancy shuttle bus. It was only 6:45 am and I was already impressed. We drove around scooping up passengers here and there […]