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I'm a home schooling mama and wife to my beautiful family. We are looking to shake things up and make some life long happiness.

Athens Day 7

We started off the day not really sure what to do. We thought maybe we’d make it a school day but Liv’s decided she wanted to get out and about for our […]

Athens Day 6

Today we headed for the Acropolis Museum, adjacent to the hill. We didn’t know that pictures weren’t allowed, so I managed to get one in before we were chastised. Kind of cool […]

Athens Day 5

We finally made it to the Parthenon. Yeah! We made our way towards Plaka like we usually do and hit the digital kiosk, kind of like an ATM, to purchase our tickets. […]

Athens Day 4

Not much to report today. Our family sure does enjoy our leisure time. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty about not getting out and about each and everyday from sun up to […]

Athens Day 3

We got a bit of an earlier start today, but I am just not a morning person, ha! First, I attempted to make coffee with the grounds we purchased but that didn’t […]

Athens Day 2

It’s Valentine’s day in Greece! We got a bit of a late start. Athens is 2 hours ahead of London. And honestly sometimes travel days are a bit tiring even if you’re […]

Athens Day 1

Athens is just about a 3 hour flight from London so in no time at all we’d be there. I had already arranged “fancy” transport, the whole name on the card thing […]