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I'm a home schooling mama and wife to my beautiful family. We are looking to shake things up and make some life long happiness.

Back in AK…

And I just might not leave ever again. Well, maybe I shouldn’t get carried away. But for the near future I’m staying right here in Alaska. The drive was crazy. Long. And […]


 Hubby and I just finished our wine tour of the countries. The festivities are in full swing here now that the Flower and Garden Festival has kicked off. In America now […]


 Did you know that 2015 is the year of the lumber sexual. Well even disney got on board. Good to know I’m married to the “it” guy of the year. Hahaha […]


 Ready to watch the British Revolution Rock Band. Oh yeah !!!! I love getting old. The kiddos are off entertaining themselves in the kidcot area while hubby and I rock out. […]