Budget Disney

So you’re dreaming of Disney, and more importantly how you can do Disney without breaking the bank!

Disneyland 2008

First, let me start by saying that our family has been a “Disney Family” for many years. We started out as Annual Passholders back in Fall 2006. We were Southern California residents at the time, and basic passes could be obtained for just over $100 per person! I know crazy!

Over the years the annual price continued to tick up slowly until we saw the opening of Cars Land in 2012 and that’s when we got hit with an annual cost of just under $250.

For us Disney has always been reasonably accessible, we only lived about an hour and a half from the parks, homeschooled (in part because I never wanted to attend Disney on the weekend), and Hubby could take time when necessary for our Disney time. There was actually a point in my children’s lives where they had been to Disneyland more than the local playground. The point is we have always made Disney a priority, and it’s been easy to accomplish.

In 2013 we headed to the east coast and continued our love of the parks at Disney World.

As with most travel, the most significant hurdles are time and cost. And doing Disney is no different. The longer you have, the cheaper your daily average will be, it’s that simple. This website has always been geared towards families who live on the road, moreover families that aren’t restricted by the length of travel. Again, the longer you can do something, the cheaper it will be. For instance, for the last several years, we set up in an RV park or motel, and visit the parks day after day for about a month at a time. But there are a few key things to understand. At this point in our lives, and this has been the way for many years now, we only pay to “go to sleep” 3 months out of the year. Just 3 months! The other 9 months out of the year our lodging is covered. So when I have to shell out $50 per day for a hotel, it’s not as challenging as it would be for someone who’s also paying a mortgage. For us, we have to sleep somewhere so it might as well be a motel near Disney. Same thing with food, we’re not splurging on $15 burgers that taste like crap, we prefer to bring in cheap fast food, or sandwhiches and chips because you gotta eat. And when you need a new hoodie, it might as well be from Disney, because you know it will last. There are so many ways to reorganize your life to afford the things that are truly important to you. So as you can see this isn’t your ordinary Disney website, but I will provide some links for those looking to plan a shorter vacation.

There are a variety of great websites out there to help you plan your vacation. I’ll be focusing on long term Disney travel and tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the years.