Border Crossings Guide

We spent a lot of time talking to the kids about crossing the border. Prior to our Central American adventure we had only ever crossed into Canada, not that that whole experience wasn’t traumatic, but I suppose that’s for another page, anyways we wanted to make sure they were prepared. We talked a lot about big dudes, holding big guns, while walking big dogs. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, I remember the days of crossing into TJ when I was a kid but that’s been an awful long time. We talked about the questions that the immigration officer might ask us, and the possibility of them going through our bags. We also talked about how to handle ourselves at the border, the last thing I wanted is for the kids to be unprepared and have a total meltdown at a border check. All in all the crossings went great. Sometimes there were big guys with guns, not too many dogs though, but most of the time it was as simple as exchanging a few dollars for that coveted entry stamp. The information is accurate as of Fall 2016. Prices are per person and in US Dollars.