Guatemala to Belize

Entering Belize via Melchor De Mencos, Guatemala

Bus Fare: Flores to Belize City: $28.75 US
Fees: Guatemala Departure Tax: None
Belize Entry Fee: None
Immigration: 15 Minutes
Customs: 5 Minutes

It was coming to the end of our journey and call it lazy but we opted for an international bus for this last long trek of our journey, but note that we probably wouldn’t do it again. It seemed like a pretty good deal considering the distance and it was very easy, but that’s what you’re paying for.

From Flores we took a small shuttle bus all the way to the border of Belize, probably about 2 hour drive. Once we got off the shuttle we were told to grab our bags and that once we got across the border there would be a large bus waiting for us.

The Guatemala exit was easy, we got stamped, and headed towards the Belize immigration office. It’s easy to spot and only about a 5 minute walk. The Belize office was small, first you stop in with immigration, she had us fill out the standard paperwork and asked us to provide our destination address, we were general and listed Caye Caulker and that was good enough.

Once we got our stamps we walked ahead and in the same office is the customs team. They have several people sitting around waiting to go through your stuff, but it seems like it is on an as asked for basis. They asked us what was in our bags. This is always hard because I get nervous and just start rattling off very specific things like, shirts, and socks, in reality they probably don’t care, and mid rambling he asked if we had any alcohol or cigarettes, we didn’t and we were let through without a bag check.

There is a small bathroom on the other side which was nice because it was a very long bus ride, and it didn’t even cost anything, finally we could stop paying to use the bathroom. Anyways, sure enough our bus was waiting for us on the other side. And away we went to Belize City. Probably another 2 hours.

I’m sure it would have been easy enough to find a bus once you got to the other side. Like most things just start asking how to get where you want to be and there are plenty of people to help.