Honduras to Guatemala

Entering Guatemala via El Florido, Honduras

Bus Fare: Copan to El Florido: $1.25 US
                  El Florido to Chiquimula: $4.00 US
Fees:   Honduras Departure Tax: None
            Guatemala Entry Fee: None
Immigration: 5 Minutes
Customs: None

We noticed that the farther north we traveled the easier and cheaper the border crossings were. From Copan we took a shuttle bus, fully loaded, I mean total lap sitting, it was hilarious, to the border where you get dropped in El Florido. Less than an hour’s drive. There’s a small office to the left, this is where you will get your exit stamp from Honduras, super easy. Next you’ll walk about 50 feet up the hill and on your right is the Guatemala immigration office. I felt like my grandma was the one helping us across the border, she was the sweetest old woman, a beautiful smile and she had the kindest demeanor. No paperwork to fill out, no questions. Nothing, just stamps and pleasantries, we were in.

Once you receive your entry stamp keep walking up the slight hill and almost immediately you will be greeted by friendly shuttle bus drivers who are so helpful, and will get you to where you need to be. For us that was Livingston by way of Puerto Barrios, and really we had to get the hub of Chiquimula first, see fee above. By now we started to feel like we were getting the hang of. Now on to Livingston!