Analyzing the packs post Trip

So now that the adventure has come to an end it’s time to analyze exactly what the hell we decided was so important to carry around with us for 40 nights. Per usual in our amazing little lifestyle it’s never that simple though. Not only were we packed for hiking the gringo trail for 40 days, we also had another 30 days in sunny San Diego to consider. Of course looking back it really shouldn’t have made a difference, however we all have our little pieces of Disney swag that we like to adorn while experiencing the Happiest Place on Earth.

Crap we couldn’t live without…

Bug Spray – Two 12oz bottles seemed to be enough for us

Sunscreen – We brought a 16oz bottle, wasn’t enough then got gouged in Caye Caulker

Swim Gear – We did great with one set each, and the girls also brought a dual purpose dress/coverup

Sheet Sets – I seriously thought this was a bad idea, I was so wrong, a 100% necessity

Toilet Paper – We took 4 rolls, use the hostels when you can, otherwise you’ll be so happy you have it!

Hydration Packs – A money saver for sure, and very convenient especially for the buses

Antibiotics/Pepto/Etc – I regret not inquiring about prices on this kind of stuff while I was down there, but I wouldn’t go back without a full supply

Quick Dry Towels – The quick dry feature was less than stellar, but far better than a regular towel

Hiking/Water Shoes – Our expensive shoes were one of the best purchases we made, love the multipurpose design

Backpacking Guide Book – Our book was 3 years old, it showed, but the new one came out after we left. I thought maybe with all the wifi and such we could get by without it, but I’m so happy we brought it, great for long bus rides, and those times you just can’t connect

Crap that was helpful, but we brought way too much of…

Clothes – This was probably our biggest pitfall. The amount of clothes we brought was just stupid. And the funny thing is most people would think we didn’t bring nearly enough. But we are true RV’ers , I literally wore one shirt the entire 40 days. Yes, it did get washed a few times. But the point is you feel dirty and wet pretty much the entire time. And since we weren’t out clubbing it up we really had no reason for nicer clothes. It was either hiking/traveling clothes or beach ware. Pretty simple. And don’t forget that it’s so freaking hot that less is more.

Face Wipes – I suppose I had visions of putting makeup on every day and needing my face wipes…hmmm. Not exactly. While the face wipes were nice every once in a while, I didn’t need 4 packs of them.

Baby Wipes – These definitely came in handy, even in daily life I never leave home without them, but once again we just brought too many.

Hand Sanitizer – This was hubby’s biggest annoyance. Always trying to find a place for yet another bottle of hand sanitizer. Again, super helpful, and honestly we probably should have used it a little more often, but you really have to check your germaphobe self at the US border because it’s just gross most of the time, anyways we didn’t need 4 bottles, plain and simple.

And my family will never let me live down bringing the…

Multi Whistles and the Go-Girls – They seemed like such a good idea at the time!