So Why Central America Anyway?

The dream to head down to Central America started about 4 years ago. We were workamping in the Black Hills of South Dakota, our first ever RV job, and decided to get our passports. I’m not totally sure why we had Central America on the brain, perhaps it was just one of those popular, “get away from it all”, destinations. In any case we talked a lot about it, not much hardcore research though. It was about 9 months later that we had to decide between Alaska and Central America. We just had this gut feeling that we needed to come to Alaska so we once again put traveling abroad on the to-do list. Couldn’t have been a better decision!

Now fast forward to 2016, well established in the great white north and ready for a little adventure. Obviously the first place that came to mind was Central America. I must admit though once we started down the possibility of world travel we considered several locations.

We talked about Europe but decided that the kids just weren’t quite old enough. I have exceptional children, of course I’m a little biased, but really my kids are great, but they’re still kids, and their attention span isn’t the greatest. Plus Europe is steeped in history, that’s not to say that Latin America isn’t, but man we would have had to kick the learning way into high gear. Then there’s the time factor. I didn’t feel that six weeks was enough time to see everything I wanted to see. And lastly, budget. Getting to Europe and traveling around Europe is just more expensive for the time frame we were looking at, plain and simple.

We also dreamed of Shanghai, Namibia, Thailand, the Bahamas, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, South America, I mean you name it and we talked about it. But all these places just didn’t have everything we wanted for this particular trip. With very little research I realized that a trip to Central America would be cheap. The airfare was reasonable and there were several flights to choose from. The food would be cheap. Transportation, at least at the time, seemed like it would be reasonable and lodging would be another bargain.

I know that all these faraway places are attainable on any budget, span of travel time, and knowledge, but I wanted to pick the absolute best choice for our first time abroad and Central America was it. We also tend to get these random ideas in our heads and we just kinda go with it, there was really no other destination that resonated with us like Central America did.