What’s in our packs?


It took a few attempts to get the packs where I wanted them. We’ve been picking up gear here and there for a few months and began stuffing it into every corner of the RV. Since moving back into the house I decided to just throw everything into a big pile on the floor. Every time I would come across something that seemed like it would be handy down there we would toss it in the pile. Needless to say the pile grew quite large and it was finally time to see if all this crap would indeed fit in our packs.

Picking the Perfect Pack…

But let me back up a little. Let’s talk about the packs we chose. OUTDOOR PRODUCTS ARROWHEAD TECHNICAL PACK 46L. Thank goodness for Amazon and their FREE returns on luggage, most items anyway. We probably ordered 15 packs before deciding on this set. And the really shitty thing, is we found them at Walmart one day, not that there’s anything wrong with Walmart, but I thought we were getting something really exotic and high quality. Well, you can’t beat the reviews, and this offered most of what we wanted, and you couldn’t beat the price. I did notice that the orange packs and the green packs were slightly different, nothing too noticeable, maybe an older/newer model thing going on here, guess we’ll find out which one prevails. Mom and Dad got the green and Kiddos swiped the orange.

Also keep in mind that we are EXTREME BUDGET TRAVELERS, and because I don’t know if this whole backpacking thing is going to stick I wasn’t about to spend a bloody fortune on gear.

Dad’s Pack



Mom’s Pack



Olivia’s Pack



Ryder’s Pack



This is definitely a topic I will update once we get back. I can’t wait to see all the stuff that we brought that we just DID NOT need! The packs feel pretty good, not too heavy, and they definitely have room to grow. We also had to consider the latter part of our trip in San Diego, hence the Disney themed items. We contemplated mailing a package down but it just didn’t make sense. So here we are, gear and all. Should be interesting!