Top 10 Disney Planning Resources

Click on the images below for some great deals and information. As I get the Disney Page going please feel free to contact me with any questions.


#1 – Disney Official Site

You can’t plan a trip to Disney without checking out their official site. Of course there are tons of private sites that offer great information, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Be sure to download your free vacation planning videos by following the link. No matter how many times you do Disney these are always a great way to get into the spirit. FREE Disney Planning Videos! *You will need to create an account if you don’t already have one, but who doesn’t want a little magic in their inbox every now and again!


#2 – Touring Plans

Touring Plans not only has tons of information but their specialty is park crowds. I have to admit that we have never truly stuck out one of their touring plans, I guess I’m just too much of a free spirit, one of the benefits of doing Disney weeks at a time, but I LOVE all the data. And we do tend to pick our dates using their crowd calendars. If you love spreadsheets, like me, you will love transforming their info into your own magical spreadsheet. And if you’re not into doing any more work than you have to they’ve got it all figured out for you, just point, click, and print!


#3 –

A great website for all things Disney!


#4 – DIS Boards

Lots of information on all things Disney but my favorite part of this site are the forums. You can find answers to almost every question imaginable.


#5 – Undercover Tourist

Most trusted site for discount tickets!


#6 – Mickey Visit

I love to read through Gavin’s site. We have done Disney on both coasts too many times to count, but I always find something new on his site.


#7 – Mouse For Less

Again a great site for all things Disney. There are so many sites out there to choose from. For me it all comes down to ease of use. Mouse For Less has a great layout with awesome information.


#8 – Sorcerer Radio

Anyone who knows me understands, or at least tolerates, my addiction to Disney Music! Sorcerer Radio is a must in the background when researching a Disney Trip.


#9 – Disney Sing-A-Long DVD’s


So these may date me a bit. But you won’t be disappointed. When the kiddos were super-duper young we would put these on while we gathered up all the “things” and packed up the car. Even now at 13 and 12 they still humor me and watch these videos in preparation for our trip! Whatever the season there’s a Disney SingAlong that sets the perfect mood. I suppose with all the you tube stuff out there these may be a thing of the past. But to us that’s exactly what Disney is for, to take you to a world where today doesn’t exist!


#10 – Disney Reads


I love reading about Walt Disney. He was an amazing man and I am wowed every time I experience what he created. These are a few of my favorite reads to get ready for a big trip!

Time to say…See ya real soon!

Well it was a great time in San Diego. We ended with Disney on a high note. We got to see the opening day of the Christmas festivities and luckily the weather cooled way down and the crowds died down too. In true Cunningham fashion we closed down the park at midnight just to catch our 8am flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. It was a whirlwind for sure. Just the way we like it. The flight wasn’t bad, about a 6 hour straight through, immigration took quite a while then it was off to the same house we stayed at last year, just for the night. Sunday morning we woke up early to catch our bus to the Caribbean. At this point everything was starting to fall into place. Our Spanish was coming back and I sure felt a whole lot more comfortable than I did last year. A quick 4 hour ride, with a stop in Limon to pick up some tasty empanadas, and we were in Cahuita. We stopped at the market then headed for the jungle. Ryder was so happy to see his friend from last year, and the jungle was just as we remembered. We unpacked and then it was off to the beach. I actually stayed behind and swayed in the hammock, exactly where I’m writing this from right now. It’s kind of my favorite spot. The howler monkeys have been abundant. Saw mommy with baby on her back swinging through the tree above our cabina this morning. So amazing! And it still baffles me how little these guys are but how loud their call is. We’re on day 4 of our Central American adventure. Leaving Cahuita tomorrow and headed for Punta Uva, just about 45 minutes south. Another beach side location. So far so good. A fee hurdles here and there, but I suppose that’s expected. We’ll see what the trip holds and continue to create bonds, and memories.

Trip Update

Well. We’re about two and a half weeks in now and the trip has been interesting so far. I’m the first to admit that I am super guilty of trying to recreate the perfect moment and so I approach our adventures with caution ensuring that I am not seeking out an unattainable experience. With that said I don’t think I’ve done a very good job of that as of late, because the last couple of weeks just seem a little off, moreover, not like last year. I think this is due in part to this stupid sickness that continues to make the rounds. We always expect to get a little travel cold but this is getting to be a bit ridiculous. Also this heat is kind of unbelievable. Wow. It’s times like this I am soooooo glad we don’t live in San Diego anymore. The heat is unbearable. Of course all of this seems a lot petty but per usual it’s all relative. We have a lot of family meetings. I’m not sure most families do this but we’re, admittedly, a little weird. Even as I blab on about what I call our “first world problems” it’s important to me to take a step back and look at the big picture. This morning we had yet another family meeting and talked about the last couple of weeks and the weeks to come. It always makes me feel better to listen to the kids perspectives. They always seem to say the right things and they are so supportive of the family. Just when I think all hope is lost they really surprise me with their wisdom. We explain to them all the time how fortunate our family is and we try and show them how grateful we are. We all know actions speak louder than words but sometimes it’s hard to lead by example. We left our old life five years ago, and it does very much seem like an old life. Who knows what our lives would be like today if we had stuck around but I’m so thankful we took the leap. Now that’s not to say there’s not a set of challenges that come with taking the leap and shaking it up but for us it had been so worth the ride and far from mundane. But it gets hard to give your kids the best life and also show them perspective. There’s only so many times you can explain to your kids just how good they have it, but I keep trying. Then there’s a whole grass is greener thing too. Because humans, especially kids, are so adaptable what you grow up with is just the norm. So it’s nearly impossible to compare “normal”. In any case this little family is on to yet another adventure and I’m always excited to see what we can learn, how many great stories we can rack up, and most importantly maximize our our time together.

2017 Adventure Here We Go…

Well here we are, day 7 of our 2017 outside adventure. The summer was…well summer was something. Typically I tend to feel a little guilty being able to take our weeks long excursions but after this summer it is well earned. It was one of those, if it can go wrong it will go wrong summers, so I’m way happy to see the 2017 season behind us and so very excited for our upcoming journey. This year we started at Disney and will do a little friend time and Disney time for a few weeks then it’s down south for another backpacking extravaganza.

Disneyland Days 2-19

It sure is true what they say. Disneyland is seriously the Happiest Place on Earth! Our kiddos have practically grown up at this park and then we were lucky enough to include Orlando too in recent years. They definitely have their differences. And while it has been decided that we are a “Disney World” family now, Disneyland will always hold a special place in my heart. The snapshots of Ryder learning to walk around the Walt and Mickey statue in the circle, Olivia and me skipping along the streets of Fantasyland, and all those memories of Hubby being the coolest, silliest guy around are forever imprinted in my memory.

Disneyland Day 1

It was so great to be back at Disneyland. I can’t believe how much has changed. But also how much all the good stuff has stayed the same. They still haven’t lost the magic. Which makes me super happy. The little enhancements on the attractions though are pretty amazing. Olivia and I read a ton of Disney news but we were surprised at every turn. It was great!!! 

The Dland Extravaganza has come to an end


We had another wonderful week at Disneyland and we made memories to last a lifetime. One of our best trips yet!! Tons of fun and treats. And a great last week with dad. We all said our goodbyes this morning. And dad is on his way back up to Nevada. A few tears but I know he will be back soon. Not sure I’ll make it a whole month without him but we’ll see how long we can make it. Now the planning begins for Alaska and time to hit the books (mine and kids) again. I love our vacations but sometimes it’s nice to have that feeling of productivity.

Day 2

So the next day is always a little interesting from the moment your feet hit the ground. Olivia and I did a great job keeping up with dad and Ryder on the jog back to the hotel last night. But yes I certainly feel it today. Started at California adventure, hanging out in the sorcerers workshop now. Love love our dland time !!! Thanks dad 🙂 I see a root beer float in our future.

Thank you


To all my wonderful friends. And my mom !! Our visit was great 🙂 we really needed it. After heading to Bakersfield we got a good nights sleep and still planned to head into Fairfield that morning and pull into our new RV park the next day. But hubby called me early Thursday morning and let me know that the RV had caught in fire. what ?!?! Luckily everyone and everything is ok. Thank goodness he decided not to go into work that day. First day of overtime he has skipped in 12 weeks. Crazy !!! Anyways we decided that it would be best for kiddos and I just to drive into Reno that day so we got on the road and made the trek in. Fortunately the fire was minor and just as we were pulling in hubby was almost done with repairs. Life just has a way sometimes.