Marshall Gold Discovery State Park


After a great trip we made the few hour trek home. Drove through south Lake Tahoe. Wow it’s way bigger than I imagined. Kiddos want to go back and walk downtown so it sounds like we have another trip in the works. So great to get away. Today the tree came down and we are putting the house back together. Fun fun !!!

Two weeks ago today…


It’s going to take several pics to get caught up but here we go. We were in the Reno snow and cold and felt like we needed to thaw out a bit sooooo within an hours time the kiddos and I had two backpacks and a trader joes bag packed in a rental car. We drove to dad to say goodbye and pick up a few things then we hit the road. First stop was the Donner Memorial. We drove through here last year in October but I was on crutches so I didn’t actually get to see it up close. Soooo cool !!! Next stop was Sacramento. It was dark but we drove past the Capitol. After several hours on the road we stopped at a little motel 6 just outside Bakersfield and got a good nights sleep. Next stop….


Took this pic just before pulling away yesterday morning. We had about a 4 hour drive ahead of us so a nice easy day. But in Cunningham fashion plans always change 🙂 we had yet another blowout. Luckily we were able to pull off safely and got the spare swapped out. We pulled into the next “big” town and had 2 tires replaced. Three blowouts in 10k miles is just not normal so all I can assume is that the manufacturer used really cheap tires. Hopefully we can at least make it to South Dakota and we’ll get the rig in up there for repairs. I try really hard to stay positive but sometimes it’s a bit harder than others. Like when your short day turns into a 9 hour ordeal. But all I can think is that we just weren’t meant to pull in that early for some reason or another and that the roadside tire prices we paid were some sort of lesson I was supposed to learn. At least we’re safe and everyone is happy. We all got a much needed goodnights sleep and we are off to the Grand Canyon today so what more could you really ask for 🙂


Farewell San Diego well be back soon!

Well, San Diego was far different than I expected. In some ways it was much better than I expected but in others I came to know some sad truths. But now that all is said and done I wouldn’t have missed this experience for anything. I think we all grew and learned a lot about ourselves during our stay. We are now heading out on our next adventure in hopes of a summer filled with memories to last a lifetime. As we near the California border I feel my gypsy spirit giddy and delighted to be on the open road once more. This is where we belong right now and it feels good. We couldn’t have asked for a better last day in San Diego though. Filled with fun and friends who are more dear to us than they know. We leave with happy hearts. Turns out everything really does work out even when it’s not. Because it is what it is and sometimes that’s the best thing for us 🙂 See you soon Grand Canyon. I can’t wait !!!

Super Gross…Right :)

Super Gross...Right :)

So I ditched the crutches yesterday and feeling better…yeah!!! Enjoying our time here in South Dakota, lots and lots of school and gearing up for the cold winter that awaits us. It’s Olivia’s Bday this weekend and it looks like we might get a mild snow storm. I think it would be awesome…fingers crossed 🙂 My hope is to head to Mt.Rushmore and maybe Custer. We had grand plans, but you know what they say…

Gold Run, CA

Gold Run, CA

So after we left the Redwoods the plan was to get to South Dakota as fast as we could to make it in time for trick or treating with friends. Apparently I took that very literally and walked out of the RV a little too fast 🙂 As soon as we pulled into Gold Run, CA to stop for the night I missed a step on the way out and took and tumble. Hubby thought for sure I broke it and forced me to go to ER. Turns out just a bad sprain with some torn ligaments but man it hurt!!! So mom got a very expensive set of crutches and a fancy brace 🙂 Am I laying on the sarcasm thick enough? hahaha Guess it could have been worse 🙂

Richardson Grove, CA

Richardson Grove, CA

The Redwoods were definitely my favorite stop so far. This is what it’s all about. When we first hit the trail I was so worried about some terrible thing happening. And then as we walked and winded through the forest there was a sense of peace that came over me. Even hubby said there was hope for me yet 🙂 It was pretty awesome!!

Richardson Grove, CA

Richardson Grove, CA

It was the day before we were leaving the Redwoods and we wanted to go on a walk through the grove. We went to Richardson Grove state park and found a trail. We made sure to pack a lunch and some warm clothes, so we were set to go. The sign at the trail head wasn’t very clear but we figured eh it won’t be too long. So we start our hike and other than worrying about bears we were doing pretty good. So we walked and walked and the walking trail quickly turned into an all out hike. Very narrow paths some areas washed out from the fresh rain. We kept trekking forward thinking this thing has to loop at some point 🙂 We climbed and climbed and finally realized we had just hiked a giant mountain. Hubby ran through some switchbacks to see if we were close but we wound up turning around. Going back down the mountain was much easier. I am so happy we made the trek. We were wiped out but so proud of ourselves. We wound up hiking about 3 miles total. We looked up the trail once we got back and we made it almost half way, so it was best that we turned around. It was such a great day!!!