Cape Mendocino Lighthouse, Shelter Cove, CA

Cape Mendocino Lighthouse, Shelter Cove, CA

Cape Mendocino Lighthouse at Mal Coombs Park. It’s hard to believe that this 43 foot tower was at one time the nations tallest lighthouse. This is due to the 422 foot cliff that it sits upon. It sent it’s first bright white signal on December 1, 1868 but has since been flown here to it’s new home and been decommissioned.

Shelter Cove “The lost coast”, CA

Billie at Redwoods River Resort recommended we visit Shelter Cove. It seems that way back during the gold rush everyone came for the gold but found real money in logging. When main throughways were finally built Shelter Cove was passed by because of the Mountain range that sits at the coast. In the 1930’s the Machi brothers remembered this place and went in to develop the land you see today.

Piercy, CA (Redwoods)

Piercy, CA (Redwoods)

After we left Pacifica we were in search of the Redwoods. We pulled into a little town outside of Leggett,CA and set up shop. We made it here just in time for their first winter storm, YEAH!!! It’s been so cold, rainy and best of all foggy. We really didn’t know what was in store for us here so we thought we would just ride out the storm and get some school done. We finally got outside yesterday and it’s just gorgeous here!! I feel so lucky to have found this spot. Our camp site is just above the Eel River and there are real Redwoods abound.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Our stay in Pacifica, CA was absolutely fabulous. Right on the ocean and just outside the city, you couldn’t beat it. We spent the last couple of days hanging out playing games and doing LOTS of school work. San Francisco was soooo much bigger than I anticipated. I couldn’t help but think what it would be like to come from the middle of the country to a place like that. I’m born and raised San Diego, but WOW, San Francisco is much much more! I think my big city dreams have officially come to an end. I think it’s time for a little more calm for my family. I’m excited to see what the next destination holds.

Alcatraz, San Francisco

Alcatraz, San Francisco

Here the gang is on the parade grounds. Ryder saw an enormous pile of debris that he wanted to walk around so we went down and did the tour. Later in the gift shop in the brilliance of marketing we see that they are selling, “pieces of The Rock”. Basically a piece of concrete and your purchase supports the restoration project. So, I’m feeling generous and I ask Ryder, because I know how much he loves rocks, if he wants to buy it, and I explained the story behind it. He thinks it’s awesome and wants to go show his dad. So he walked up to his dad a little later and tells him that, “the Alcatraz workers are going to ship a bunch of burned up stuff to our RV” I bust out laughing because the kid actually thinks they just have planes flying around delivering trash to little boys and girls. Hahaha and the best part, he’s super stoked about it! I had to break it to him and his response was…”so all I get is a rock in a box?” hahahaha needless to say he passed on the purchase 🙂

San Francisco Here We Come

San Francisco Here We Come

As is the way in the Cunningham world it is always an adventure 🙂 Very, very early Sunday morning I awoke to an odd clicking sound in the RV. Turns out the water problem that had been “fixed” made its way to the furnace. Apparently it had been leaking on the circuit board for quite sometime. Thanks La Mesa RV YOU SUCK! Hahaha So plans to head up to San Fran were quickly put on hold considering I couldn’t get my heater to stop trying to ignite. Luckily A-RV Repair shop in Arroyo Grande, CA (805) 481-3280, to the rescue! These guys were amazing. Not only did they fix the original water leak (hopefully for good), they replaced the circuit board (now maybe we won’t blow up) AND got it all covered under my warranty in just a matter of hours. Pretty amazing!

Back…On the road again

It’s feels so good to be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe some of you will hear that line in your head hahaha. Anyways, it does feel good to be back on the road and in our home again. Dland is great and will certainly be missed but we’ve got some country to see. Our first stop is beautiful Oceana, CA. It’s just south of Pismo and a nice stop on our way up to San Francisco, we’ll be sure to wear some flowers in our hair. We enjoyed a lazy day on the dunes today. I’ve never really seen anything like it so it was pretty cool. Enjoy the pics. Love you all!!!