Road Damage

Road Damage

Not sure if the pic truly captures the road, but you can kind see the frost heaves. You have loose gravel areas, frost heaves and the just giant pits to contend with. All in all we’ve been very lucky on the road, and while I didn’t know what to expect the road hasn’t necessarily been as bad as I thought it would be.

Kluane Lake, Yukon

Kluane Lake, Yukon

Stopped here to make some lunch and take in the view. It was quite the road getting here, but that was before we knew what await after we passed through destruction bay. The frost heaves are pretty intense, and road damage is marked with a flag. The joke of the day was, hey there’s a flag.” Comical because the whole freaking road needed a flag. Finally we just got to an electronic sign that said road damage next 115 kilometers haha much more fitting!



So after a long productive drive yesterday we pulled into the Whitehorse walmart, stocked up on supplies and headed to Earls Restaurant. We had such a great time. Dad and I realized that today is our 10th anniversary. I never would have imagined that we’d been on our way to Alaska and in the Yukon for year 10. Wow !!!

Btw pic is at about 10pm sitting at out restaurant table. So sunny !!

Watson Lake Sign Forest


Heading north west on the Alaskan highway there’s this huge sign forest. Story goes that back in the 70’s one of the business owners here put up a sign pointing to his hometown in Illinois. And now the corner is home to what seems like 100’s of signs from around the world. We’ll be making our contribution while in Alaska and putting our sign up on the way back.

Quick Update

We are having a great time and roads are treating us well. Leaving wifi and phone service, never sure when we’ll have it again. Should be crossing the AK border within a few days. Kids are good, I think they liked all the downtime we had, but everyone seems to be ready to get back on the road. We’re all showered, laundered and media caught up. Time to hit the pavement, but “we’ll keep the dirty side down”. Love that George!! Off we go 🙂

The Navigators Chair

The Navigators Chair

Of course my Milepost book is my go to buddy, it didn’t take me long to appreciate it’s fabulousness, this trip would have been sooooooo much harder without it. WELL WORTH the expense. My yellow stickies are all my conversions, although I’m practicing the math in my head, still not as fast as hubby but getting there. I could spend every day of my life like this, by far my favorite place to be 🙂

Dirty RV by the Roadside

I so love how dirty our RV is, we fit right in with the locals and every other vehicle traveling the AK highway. We were driving along the road yesterday and I was thinking to myself, how in the hell did we decide to go to Alaska?? It’s those surreal moments that I live for in life. I realized it was back in Fernley, maybe even Reno that I was bored out of my mind and obviously looking to get as far away as possible when I applied to AK jobs. So thankful for our time in Nevada, had it not been for those dreary moments, we just might not be on this amazing adventure. Life’s funny like that, especially when you let it.

What a day

More videos and pics to come. Everything is uploading now but I’m off to bed. We drove through the northern Rockies today and stopped at a little RV park hoping to do some laundry and get some wifi. At least we accomplished the wifi. Not much for running water around here. Maybe we can find a laundromat in the next town or something. I can’t believe the dirt. The truck and trailer are filthy haha and I love every speck of dirt that’s on them. Everyone’s rig is a mess. That’s the ak highway !! Hubby did a great job driving us through the mountains. There were some seriously steep grades. And there were a few bumps that were just awful. But the rig and truck held up great. Met a couple of fellow full timers on their way up to ak yesterday. And saw both filling up in fort Nelson today. Kinda cool. Seems like we’ll be seeing them along the way. People are as nice as can be up here. And willing to do whatever they can to help. I’ve never seen so much snow. It’s just packed on the mountains. So beautiful. Lakes are frozen and so are the rivers. We are having a great time and learning and reflecting everyday. I feel so much different about the drive now. Maybe I was just super stressed about the border crossing. Or maybe I’ve just learned something’s over they last year and a half. One can hope 🙂 can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow. It’s sure to be a great day!!!!

Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Alaska Highway

Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Alaska Highway

It was pretty crazy just leaving our house parked in the local Walmart while we explored the town, but hey, that’s just what we do now! We spent about an hour hitting the main landmarks, making sure to soak up some local culture. This really nice woman at the stoplight pulled her car over and offered to take our picture at the flags. Of course the only obvious conclusion is that she wants to take off with my iphone. Thanks San Diego, that’s what I got from growing up there. What she really wanted to do was make sure our family had a picture of the 4 of us to remember our wonderful journey. Again, the people here were so friendly, and I love the accent…I better becareful, I’m already in full blown South Dakota mode, I could easily come back talking like the Canadians haha