South Beach, Florida

South Beach, Florida

Look at that water!!!! We finally made it to the Atlantic Ocean, a huge checklist item. Not only did we see it we swam in it!! The water was so warm and felt so fantastic 🙂

Snorkeling with the Manatees, Crystal River, Florida

It was one of the coolest things we have done on our trip. We woke up early in the morning and got our wet suits, fins and snorkel gear on and got on the boat to hang out with the manatees. We were lucky enough to get our very own private tour with Captain Ross. He took us out to the first stop in Kings Bay were the manatees socialize before heading out to eat. We were all a little anxious and not sure what to expect but we dove in and before we could all get in the water there were manatees ready and waiting to play. They like to give you kisses on your mask, hug your legs and they love to have their belly scratched. Olivia wasn’t thrilled with the manatees at this point, all she really wanted to do was go back to the boat. Ryder on the other hand was not thrilled with getting in the water but before I knew it I was having to chase after him, this coming from the little guy who doesn’t like to go to the deep end of the pool. He was a snorkeling pro! We boarded the boat and moved onto our next stop which they call the “nursery”. This is where the moms and babies hang out, sleep and play. Now that everyone was comfortable we really had a good time. Fortunately there was a female manatee looking for some friends and we were happy to provide her with belly scratches and plenty of legs to hug and nuzzle. These creatures are truly amazing. So gentle, so friendly and they really seem to love human interaction. We learned a lot, had fun and best of all made great memories. The kids are so excited to put our snorkeling talents to good use again.

Epcot Day Four, Florida

Epcot Day Four, Florida

One of the coolest things they have in all of Disneyworld is the Perry the Platypus Missions in Epcot. You join the agency and go on a secret mission to stop the evil Dr.Doofenshmirtz from using one of his famous “inators”. There are seven countries to choose from to complete your mission. The first country we chose was China. So very awesome 🙂