Lothian, Maryland

Lothian, Maryland

We stayed in Maryland and drove into DC. I sure love to color in our states. After Maryland we are headed to an RV park in Virginia. We’ll take a small break in the busyness before our Williamsburg Christmas. DC is quite exhausting, super fun but tiring 🙂 We have some rainy weather headed our way so it seems like a good time to kick back, have some long school days and play games. Loving the life!!

Washington DC

I thoroughly enjoyed our time here. The rats, the squirrels the insane tunnels and roundabouts, the memorials, the history and the museums. It all made for a once in a lifetime experience. I can’t wait to go back, I don’t think I knew how much fun we would really have here. I love the energy in this city, while I want to live as far away from it as possible, I highly recommend a visit. It is the best big city we have been to so far.

Smithsonian – Museum of American History

Smithsonian - Museum of American History

With the new found transit system, trains, this woman felt it necessary to promote good traveling etiquette. Good manners included not grooming yourself in public areas, wearing the appropriate clothing, speaking in a respectful manner, limiting your luggage to a couple of small bags, and definitely do not bring on paper packages. It was pretty funny listening to the tapes but I couldn’t help but think society could sure use this ladies classes 🙂

Smithsonian – Museum of American History

Smithsonian - Museum of American History

Shown is the Gun Boat Philadelphia. Recovered from the bottom of Lake Champlain in 1935. This vessel was home to a 44 man crew. What seemed off was how shallow the deck was. There seemed to be only a couple of feet from the deck floor to the top of the boat. I have no idea how they fit so many men on this boat.

National Christmas Tree, Washington DC

National Christmas Tree, Washington DC

So glad we made the visit at night. Ryder was so excited to see all the little villages and trains running through them. After our visit to the White House it was time to head back to the truck and make our way to the memorial. We did a pretty good job navigating DC on foot. Driving in the giant truck is a little more challenging. I still don’t know how hubby does it, I would have smashed a zillion cars by now, we’re talking about some teeny tiny streets here. Although DC was not nearly as bad as San Francisco. Anyways, we made our way down by the memorial and got stuck in a round about over a bridge. After the long day and the driving confusion we postponed the visit and headed back home. It was pretty hilarious though 🙂

The White House, Washington DC

The White House, Washington DC

So we had a heck of a time finding the White House, we began to think it was just a figment of the imagination but we finally found it 🙂 We knew we had been right next to it several times. But still we could not actually see the White House. Finally after a long trek on foot and a few encounters with the DC rats we got a view of the infamous White House.

Smithsonian – Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian - Museum of Natural History

I was so excited to see the After Life Exhibition. I think I was spoiled by our Museum of Man in San Diego. Pretty cool though, and it was good to have a little refresher for the kids. Although Ryder was pretty thorough with his detailed explanation on the preparation of the body. An awesome teacher moment !!

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Washington DC

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Washington DC

Another tidbit in history. Apparently this memorial was constructed overseas in China. It seems a bit odd to me that a piece of American History needs to be shipped overseas to complete. And not only that but let’s look at the content we’re dealing with, Martin Luther King Jr. was the leader for Equal Rights. Not exactly what I picture when I think of Communist China. The whole memorial just felt a little off.