And becuase we are terrible, awful parents…

I’m teasing of course! BUT We did want to have a little fun with the kids so for awhile we didn’t tell them. And then, we DID decide to tell them. But we told each kiddo separately, and we told them not to tell the other. Following Along? It was a good few weeks of winks, whispers, and eager munchkins wanting to surprise the other. Elaborate plans thought up by each of them on how to explain the airport, and packing of suitcases when the time came. It was really a lot of fun! I was actually really surprised how long the secret lasted. I thought for sure they would have told each other and then tricked us. But they held on to their bit of knowledge until Dad and I just couldn’t wait any longer. So it came down to the big day and Dad told each kiddo that it was time to tell the other. So he said we were going to sit them down on the love seat and surprise their sibling. Here’s how it worked out!

Orlando Airport Day 34


The electronics are out must mean it’s flying time ! The kiddos are good. The bags are full and hubby and I are ready to get on with our San Diego extravaganza. Storage. Friends and fun. We can’t wait. I can’t believe we managed 34 days at Dworld and we were still bummed to leave. We did hit up the Magic Kingdom this morning and saw the first wave of Spring Breakers and that made us a bit more inclined to get out of Orlando haha but all in all it was a fabulous, awesome, amazing, journey !!! Here’s to sunny San Diego !!!



´╗┐Hubby and I just finished our wine tour of the countries. The festivities are in full swing here now that the Flower and Garden Festival has kicked off. In America now and the Gin Blossoms are about to hit the stage. Now that’s a blast from the past. Our time at Disney is dwindling with only 2 days left. Hubby is of course ready to head back to AK, I could probably live in the parks forever, but even I’m ready to get to our next adventure. The kiddos are somewhere in the middle. Here’s to another magical night.