Meet My Family

December 2020

An update…

So yeah, you gotta do a little digging to get caught up but I’ll give you a minute to scroll through the old stuff, and then we’ll resume… Good! Now that you’re all caught up with who we are and what we do I’ll fill in the last couple of years. The rental properties in AK were a bust! Why? Because locals suck! Basically, it was typical… they took over the rental, trashed the place, and stopped paying rent. And while this was happening we had some major truck woes while at Amazon, which you can get caught up on via the blog should you choose! With all the BS piling on we decided to dump the AK property, focus on earning money in other ways and that brings us to our amazing setup today! Hubby and secured some pretty sweet jobs in AK working for a seaplane base, the campground gig was still going great, and now we moved to fancy town and have full hookups, does it get any better?!? Well, yes, yes it did. Not only did we round out our summertime season, but we found a Christmas tree lot in Florida and we just completed our second successful season. Needless to say, we still have our bumps in the road, who doesn’t, but we are loving the life we’ve created. Now we’re really focusing our time and energy on the kiddos and helping them develop an exit strategy, well, at least for Liv’s. She’s 16 this year and that means she is just about ready to go at it on her own, kind of. She’s gearing up for some serious travel, online college, and whatever other amazing opportunities she makes for herself! I definitely can’t say it’s all gone too fast, or where did the time go. We spend each and every day focusing on the present, sometimes easier said than done, but we give it our best effort every single day! We do it so life doesn’t escape us. We do it to remain grateful for all that we have and all that we’ve been through because all those little pieces make us who we are today!

July 2018

So the adventure continues…

Assuming you read through the old stuff you should be up to speed with who we are and basically what we do. And now we are embarking on the next stage of our adventure. We finally got the rental properties set and the Alaska job couldn’t be better. So we took the leap and we are officially heading south for the winters. No more tax season for this lady! I’m out! Hubby and I are excited to do the Amazon thing and the kiddos are, well, accepting of the fact that their lives will be filled with school, school, and more school. But after all of our efforts, we will reap the rewards. Beaches, sun, and lots of fun! I think we’ve just about nailed down this 9 on 3 off thing. Next step 6 on 6 off. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. We’ll just enjoy the path that we’ve got going for the moment!

January 2017

Wow! Who knew it had been so long since I had updated this thing. Let’s see…Since doing the Amazon gig we’ve had quite an amazing journey. In 2013 while hubby was off doing his Amazon thing I started to go a little stir crazy sitting in one spot. So I started applying for these crazy RV jobs across the nation. We wound up with a great position in New York and Alaska. We had to decide. Alaska seemed way off the beaten path, but at the same time a huge bucket list item checked off at a fairly young age. New York seemed a little more logical, but since when have I ever made decisions based on logic. So we took the leap and committed to the Alaska job.

“The World is a Magical Place, Choose Your Own Adventure” Walt Disney

Long story short, all these kismet type things happened along our Alaskan journey, mostly we just knew that we were meant to go, and something big awaited us. As fate would have it we found our dream job. It just so happened that our dream job came with a few strings, moreover a sticks and bricks house, not exactly what I had planned, but we’ve managed to turn that into a positive also, and now run a successful summer vacation rental.

Since coming to Alaska in 2014 we’ve still managed to travel. In winter of 2015 it was Walt Disney World and San Diego. In fall of 2015 it was back to Walt Disney World and more San Diego time. You may be asking yourself what do they do when they’re not traveling. Well, since we are not independently wealthy quite yet, and haven’t figured out how to wake up in a new place everyday, again yet, we work our campground gig during the summer, I do a winter tax season gig, which leaves 3 months to travel.

The kiddos do school most of that time, and then during our 3 months of travel they learn about the world around them.

In fall of 2016 we had yet another opportunity to embark on one of are coolest adventures yet, we took the kiddos and backpacked through Central America. It amazes me that I can even say that.

So that about says it all. More adventures to come, we hope anyways, and you can keep up with us via the blog!

“It’s Kind of Fun to do the Impossible” Walt Disney



January 2013

We’re the Cunningham’s. We have a mom (me/Nina, I just turned 30) a dad (Cody/Hubby/ He’ll be 40 this year) and our two little RV ruffians, Olivia and Ryder, eight and seven respectively and don’t forget Jambi The Road Kitty. Originally from San Diego, CA we left our mundane “American Dream/Trap/Nightmare” lifestyle in July of 2012 and have been living on the road ever since. We traveled from coast to coast seeing amazing sites along the way and then we decided we needed some money. We took our first Workamping job in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota last April, 2013. The family was doing great, roadschooling and sight seeing until we were met with challenging owners of the RV park. We had made great Workamper friends at the camp so we all initiated a mass exodus and bailed on the camp. Whew, we were happy to get out of there.

Well, we still weren’t independently wealthy, so what do you do for work in South Dakota in August? You go where the money is, bikers and booze, you guessed it, Hubby went off to the Buffalo Chip and worked Sturgis.

Many months later and lots in between, I am now a published author, “contemporary romance” as the PC genre is called these days. Writing and roadschooling while Hubby stocks shelves in a warehouse, so glamorous, and biding our time until our next big thing.

There’s no adventure too big. We live life to its fullest because you just never know what’s going to happen. I think plans are detours that eliminate options so we pretty much just live day to day and I have a firm belief that should you choose to have regrets in life you should only include the things you didn’t do.


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  • Hey Nina! My sister and I were messing around and looking up old friends. We came across a blog and I thought it was you! Hope you’re doing well would love to catch up.- Kathleen


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